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Leveraging our expansive network of subject matter authorities, accomplished entrepreneurs, and esteemed thought leaders, we architect robust ecosystems that empower portfolio companies to expedite time-to-market, forge strategic partnerships, and amplify their disruptive impact across global markets.

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A robust LP network of value-add founders, investors, executive, operators & specialists.

From our founders

“Zach Ginsburg is one of the most influential investors I’ve met on my entrepreneurial journey. Once Zach develops conviction for a startup his network moves incredibly fast, he has coalesced capital at every stage of Diamond Age’s development. As a founder, you’ll find Zach to be a remarkable resource – he’s been there, done that. As an investor, I believe you’ll find Zach to be a good steward of your capital. As someone who’s deployed large sums of money, Zach has a keen eye for identifying potential in the technology and teams, and marrying that with rigorous due diligence. Zach Ginsburg is a valuable partner regardless of which side of the investment equation you’re on.”

Paul Grossinger

Managing Partner, Gaingels

"Zach is a great partner and super easy to work with. He came referred by one of his portfolio companies and I am very glad he was. I had a first call with him and then a handful of quick follow up calls related to ongoing diligence. His questions were thoughtful and he was really respectful of our time and efficient with his process. I have recommended him to other founders and will continue to!"

Igino Cafiero

CEO, Bear Flag Robotics

“I’ve been investing with Zach personally and professionally for almost four years now, and he’s been an incredible partner to 10X Capital and myself. He is a great stakeholder to all (LPs, partners and founders) and has been able to open doors and cap tables in some incredible companies. His ascent through the venture Eco-system has been incredible to witness, and is a testament to his hustle, intelligence, and passion—I can't recommend him enough.”

David Weisburd

Managing Director, 10X Capital

"Zach understood our business quickly and has been fantastic to work with both during and after the fundraise. He was able to build conviction efficiently, which helped him get a larger allocation in our round, and I'm glad he did. He's an investor that I send nearly all founders to with the highest recommendation."

Josh Hirahara

CEO, Gauge

“Zach has consistently been our favorite investor to work with and co-syndicate deals with. Whenever we have meaningful allocations and are looking for the ideal partner, Zach is always at the top of the list, so much so that we’re constantly looking for new ways to collaborate together. Additionally, he has done a great job accessing some of the best and most competitive deals consistently.”

Alex Pattis

General Partner, Riverside Ventures

“It's with great enthusiasm that I recommend Zach. He has been incredibly supportive, communicative, responsive and overall just a great person to work with. Zach is an astute investor, constantly asking insightful questions that drive at the heart of business challenges yet demonstrating a remarkable ability to make swift confident decisions. Something we, as founders, greatly value and appreciate. After being on our cap table, he has proactively made intros to valuable downstream investors, helped us with strategy and even helped us refine our pitch. I would work with Zach again in any capacity in a split second.”

Alex Wang

Ember Fund

“I connected with Zach, who came highly referred to me through a mutual connection. From the get-go he was excited about the business, and quickly helped put together an aligned syndicate group, rounding out a meaningful portion of our Seed plus round, and bringing in a number of top tier investors. He is easy to work with, maintains a strong network, and continues to be a supporter of Equi and its mission. I’ve since referred other founders to Zach as a testament to his value. Zach really cares about founders and the companies he becomes a part of. I would highly recommend anyone raising a round include Zach in it!”

Tory Reiss

CEO, Equi

"Working with Zach has been awesome. Out of all our investors, he's one of the most helpful in reaching out with ideas and suggestions for how we can improve the product or different new business lines or vendors we should be considering. Very happy to have Zach and Calm Ventures on our cap table!"

Adam Moelis

CEO, Yotta Savings

“Zach is a versatile and forward thinking investor. He is unparalleled identifying where things are trending across multiple industries and how to position oneself and one’s business accordingly. Lastly, he is fantastic at sourcing deals given his reputation and character. I could not recommend collaborating with Zach more!”

Alexander Speiser

CEO, Stealth Biotech

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